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New Website!

Welcome one and all to my new website, and this blog. Besides getting good advice from a reputable source that “…you should blog,” I’ve realized that a great deal of my observations and sharings are launched in a) FB entries that are too long…really blogs under false colors, b) imaginary letters to the editor, and, best of all, c) rants. This last is genetic/cultural…my mother was notorious for it.

I’ll have to establish a pattern of posting. We’ll see. I suspect it may be a mix of actual essays or data dumps with months of silence between, and frequent/regular shorter posts that take you behind the scenes a bit into my artistic life and reactions to this and that.

Beyond that, I can only say that my interests, opinions, and expertise cover quite a bit of territory. I’m not going to segregate myself in indie musician world as far as content…although it’s fun there, mostly.

Enough of clearing my throat. I hope you find these pages interesting. I’ll make a good effort to give you a reason to check in often. Welcome.